Win a Kaffekokarkokboken!

It looks like this and it can be your's! It’s in Swedish, but I’m sure you’ll get it.
100 pages of delicious coffee maker made recipes and other craziness. 
All you have to do is take a picture with something (or someone) you want me to cook in  a coffee maker. Or why not when you cook the thing in your own coffee maker? Post it on twitter or on instagram with hashtag #kaffekokarkokboken
Super duper easy!
If you don't have twitter or instagram you can mail the picture to or post it on Kaffekokarkokboken's Facebook page (<- like, like, like <3 ) 
Shipped worldwide!
Oh, Kaffekokarkokboken starts with a comment from this blog:
Says something like this:
"I hope you'll never get any children. Think about the poor little ones when they have to wait hours for the food when they are hungry. Ugh, you're going to be a lousy mother!!!"
You can compete until the 19th of july. The winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. 


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