Traditional coffee maker made Äggatårta (=egg cake)

Aaaw, the “Äggatårta” (=egg cake) brings back so many beautiful memories. Many of the recipes I've published this week is traditional Swedish recipes and I don't remember any christmas, midsummer, wedding, easter or birthday without the Äggatårta. It's really a traditional dish where I come from and the higher Äggatårta the better.

May I present - the Äggatårta.
Depends on how high you want to make it. This one took 5 hours. Worth every second. 
Ingredients (for the Äggatårta in this post)
11 eggs
Lots of mayonnaise
Lots of Kalles kaviar (oh, you'll probably have to import that one, right?)
This Äggatårta is build by hard boiled and turned over eggs, glued with mayonnaise and then decorated with the Kalles kaviar. 
Put six of the eggs in the coffee maker can and pour water in the coffee brewer. Start your coffee maker. The eggs have to be really hard boiled so I coffee maker cooked them for almost 1½ hour. Pour off the warm water, dunk them in some cool water and shell them. 
Melt some butter directly on the heater. Crack an egg on it and fry it pretty hard on both sides. It takes about 40 minutes to make a turned over egg. The Äggatårta in the picture got four turned over eggs. Since it's important that all of the turned over eggs are perfectly round and have the same size, the coffee maker is the perfect weapon of choice, even though it takes some time. Turn of the coffee maker when you're done. 
Construction time! Divide all the hard boiled eggs in half, except for one. Put an turned over egg on a plate. Place three egg halves onto the turned over egg. Glue them together with mayonnaise and season with pepper. Go on like that until you put on the last turned over egg. Now you'll have one whole egg, and one egg half left. Shred the whole egg and put the thing egg pieces nicely on the top.

And now decoration time - aka Kalles kaviar time! String a lot of caviar over the whole cake. Put the last egg half on top and decorate with even more Kalles. Yum!

Now, let's get this party started!
Coffee maker boil a lot of eggs...
I made this Äggatårta for an easter party, that's why there's a lot of colored feathers.
Glue the Äggatårta together with mayonnaise.
Season with pepper. 
It's a beauty, right!!?
Photo: Dan Sörensen


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