One hour caramel

Oops, it's been a lot of sweet recipes now for a while but this is the last one (for now)! As I told you before I'm obsessed with caramel. Made lot's of different coffee maker made caramel types but this is the one I fancy the most. 
This recipe is "usually" called five minutes caramel, but if you make it in a coffee maker it's called one hour caramel.
1 hour
2 tbsp butter
1½ dl sugar
2 tbsp cacao
4 tbsp syrup
Put butter in the coffee maker can and start your coffee maker. When the butter is melted you can add the rest of the ingredients. Let it chug there for a while, approximately 45 minutes. Stir every now and then. It's not supposed to have sugar crystals. Turn off the coffee maker when it's done. 
Pour the caramel onto for example oven paper. When it's cooled down for a bit you can split it up with a knife and even wrap it into some forms. I never do that because i mouth it all instantly...
One of the problems with having three cats. They're always cat photo bombing.
Coffee maker cook until the crystals are gone. And just a little bit more after that. 
AAH!! It's so yummie!
You want some?
Photo: Dan Sörensen


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