I scream, You scream, We all scream for Coffee Maker made Lingonberry Ice-cream!

I wanted a dessert tip and @chrismada9 got the great idea that I should cook coffee maker made lingonberry ice-cream. The last two days I've been talking crazy much about lingonberry (this ice-cream recipe was a bit delayed due to the cheese fondue recipe). The ones who follow the @sweden -account definetly like lingon, that's for sure. 
Usually I'm not that fond of lingon, except with meatballs. Now that's a perfect match! But I never eat lingon in or with much else.
Unltil now! Lingonberry ice-cream is delicious! 
6 hours
2,5 dl cream
2-3 egg yolks (the yolks I had was pretty small so I used 3)
3/4 dl sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar
1-1,5 dl lingonberries (not sure of this word but I used "preserved raw" ones or "rårörda" like we say in Sweden)
A couple of meringues
Basil leaves (well that was the only green "piff" I had so I took it)
Start your coffee maker. Pour cream in the coffee maker can and heat it for almost an hour, it should get really warm. Give it a good whip every now and then, you know how easily cream burn.
Meanwhile mix eggs, sugar and vanilla together so it get's fluffy. Pour the egg fluff with the warm cream in the can and put it back on the heater. Now this mixture shall coffee maker stir cook for a while until it thickens a bit, about 45 minutes. Turn off your coffee maker.
Before you add lingonberries and meringues just let it cool for a while.
Thereafter add lingonberries and meringues into the mixture and pour the ice-cream into forms. Place them in your freezer, stir every 30 minutes, until they get a nice ice-creamy consistency. 
Eat and enjoy!
Cream in coffee can.

Coffee maker chef's little helper. Or probably more like coffee maker chef's litte "stjälper" (Swedish word for not helping typ).

A nice place to cook and chill.

Didn't find baby meringues, but this worked just fine.
Can you see what's standing next to the coffee maker made ice-cream? An ice-cream machine, ha! 
Eat it before it melts too much! (You probably won’t have that problem if you mustn’t wait for the photoshoot of the coffee maker made lingonberry ice-cream presentation.) Yummie!
Got many questions about if it's tricky to clean up after cooking. Answer: Not at all. 

Postat av: Kalle

Bara fantastiskt!

2013-07-11 @ 23:01:52

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