How to make food in your coffee maker

Now I'll show you some basic instructions in how you can make your food in the coffee maker. And at the same time I'll learn you some Swedish terms. They are so much catchier! I mean:
Coffee maker cook book = Kaffekokarkokboken (try to say that seven times quickly)
Coffee maker cooking chef = Kaffekokarkock
Coffee maker cooking = kaffekokarkokning
Of course it's possible to cook stuff in a coffee maker. Some of you probably prefer to cook your coffee but you can do lots of other stuff as well. The fastest way is when you just uses water to cook in. Put the ingredients in the can and water in the brewer. Then the ingredients will start to cook. Yeah, it will take some time but it works. 
Nice, huh?
If you're going to make liquid stuff that contains other ingredients than water it takes a more time. For example spaghetti sauce, creamy soups or caramel have to be warmed up from the heater, you can't put those liquids in the brewer. Think about that so you don't cook very big portions. It will take forever. 
I really, really love caramel. Probably the best thing you can cook in a coffee maker. That you can cook on anything actually.
You get the basic cooking in the can part now, don't you?

Coffee maker frying = Kaffekokarstekning
Some things must be well done, or close to well done, when it's served. The best example must be chicken, but also bacon and other meat. Even things like pancakes that's not supposed to be doughy. And bread! 
With or without butter/oil put the stuff directly on the heater and then wait. Bacon takes for example around 45 minutes to cook. 
Don't forget to turn the food around every now and then, otherwise it will burn.
(This might be a little to much meat.)
Clear as a cristal! Or "Klart som korvspad" like we say in Sweden.

Coffee maker can frying = Kaffekokarkannstekning
If you don't have to fry stuff really hard then can frying is a good option. It is exactly what it sounds like, you fry things in the can. It's not as sticky as frying directly on the heater and easier to clean. But only for things that don't need a roasting surface. If you are going to fry vegetables this is a good choice. 
I think we can call this the basics in coffee maker cooking (kaffekokarmatlagning). Did I mention that it takes a long time? I think so but it's worth mentioning again. 

Some other fun tips
This part is perfect for mussels steaming (if you cook the water through the brewer).
The mussel steamer also works as a strainer. Or to put spices in.
Just clean the can and heater like you clean your other food cooking instruments. Don't forget to pull out the cable first.
The can is also warm and comfy to sleep on when the christmas caramel takes a forever to cook.  
Well I think that's enough for now! Some other day I'll show you how to cook with a dishwasher, iron, toaster, waffling iron, hair curler, hair straightener etc. Yup those are some of the other things I've been cooking on.
"Teh meat smells purrfect!"
Happy coffee pot cooking!


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