How to make a Catograph!

Since both Iggy and Gucci (Zappa wasn't born when we made the book) have their own recipes in Kaffekokarkokboken it was important to all of us that they too should be able to sign it. But it's kind of tricky to bring them to book releases, book fairs and stuff like that. Well, it would be tricky anyway since they don't have opposable thumbs and really don't understand much of anything since they're cats. We thought that we should make a autograph stamp for cats. A catograph (in Swedish Kattograf)! Said and done.
Oh, another thing first. It was extra important with the catograph because Iggy is even a cover cat. During the book cover photoshoot we tried Gucci at first because she is much more easy to handle. If you put her some place she will stay and do what's said. And she did exactly what we told her to during the shoot. But when we looked at the photos we saw that she was way too ugly. So we tried with Iggy and after lots of pics we got it! Here's the result.
And here's one of the better pictures of Gucci that didn't work as a cover.
But she is in the book many times, also at the very last page. That picture looks like this:
Jabba the cat.
Back to the catograph stamp!
You need
At least 1 cat paw
Watercolor (or some color that's not poisinous and easy to wash off)
Mix the color (preferably a darker tone) with water and then you can either do it:
A) The Gucci way
1. Paint the little paw.
2. Show the cat so that he/she can approve it.
3. Press the paw against the paper. It's too bad Gucci isn't just a paw model, she got such a beautiful little pawie.
b) The Iggy Way
Since Iggy, like I said, never do what we tell her to do she just wanted to eat the brush. That's why we tried another way... the paw into the color and then press it on the paper.
Iggy also wanted to sign the books with a kiss (look at gucci's paws <3).
After this you take a picture of the prints, transfer them to the computer and send it to some stamp factory.This is the result!
Iggy's kiss stamp:
The catographs:
(not kidding) 
People have been mailing me and asked me if they could get a catograph stamp in their Kaffekokarkokboken books. They don't ask for mine och Dan's signatures, only the cat's. 
And that's how you make a catograph stamp!
From our book release party. No (living) cats were allowed at the party, but can you see the stamp? The grey one with a blue hat. That's the catograph stamp!
Foto: Dan Sörensen


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