How to cook pizza in a coffee maker

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Just came home from Roskilde festival and we had a fantastic time. Won't be able to move away from the sofa today so picked up pizzas on our way home. We used to live next door to a great pizza restaurant a couple of years ago and when we called them today they still remembered us. They think my special pizza I always order is crazy. But what do they know?! Here is how you cook it on a coffee maker.
Oh! This is a recipe that I cooked and published a while ago. It takes really long time to cook food in the coffee maker so will mix up as many new recipes as possible with old favorites. 
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Approximately 3 hours for one mini pizza


It's hard to write an exact recipe for a mini pizza, it such small amounts. The dough is a recipe for a large pizza, which you may divide into smaller pieces. It is also possible to freeze the pizza dough.


Pizza dough (for many mini pizzas)
50 g yeast
1 teaspoon salt (preferably sea salt flavored with rosemary)
A pinch of sugar
3 cups water
0.5 ml olive oil
9 cups flour


Tomato sauce (also very small amounts)
Tomato paste
Frozen herb mixture


Topping (for two or three mini pizzas)
½ small onion
1 can of tuna
1 tsp Mango Chutney
Grated cheese
Feta cheese
Pizza Seasoning

Mix the yeast, salt, sugar, oil and lukewarm water in a bowl. Stir it so that it blends properly. Stir in about 8 cups flour (a little at a time) so that the dough becomes smooth. Prover the dough in the bowl under a cloth in a half hour. Take a piece of dough, about the size of a golf ball, and knead it thoroughly on a floured surface. Add more flour if dough is too sticky. Flatten this properly and shape it so that it fits coffee boils plate.


Like a real professional! 

Start the coffee maker. Pour just a small amount of oil directly on the plate, and heat it properly - about 10 minutes. Place the thin pizza base on the tray and roast for about fifteen minutes on both sides, or until it has a nice color and are no longer doughy. Remove the pizza bottom and wipe off the coffee boiling plate.


Pour a dash of oil in the pot as you warm for about 15 minutes. Chop the onion in the meantime and fry all of it in the coffee can for about 25 minutes.

Now it's time to fix up the tomato sauce! Mix in a little tomato puree along with the passed tomatoes and season with pepper and herb mix. Stir. Easy peasy! 


Mix the tuna, mango chutney, curry and cheese (or whatever you wish to have on your pizza) in the pot along with the onion. Fry this in the coffee can half an hour. Stir occasionally. Season with salt and pepper.


Fry topping in can.

Spread a layer of tomato sauce on the pizza base and the tuna topping. Sprinkle the pizza spice and peanuts. Serve with a fresh salad and a cold beer. Omnomnomnom.

I ♥ Pizza.
I think we should have some basic instructions tomorrow in how to cook food in a coffee maker. You can actually do lots of things. Will tell you how to tomorrow!
Photo: Dan Sörensen.


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