Coffee maker made Cheese Fondue

Yesterday evening was a beautiful night in Gothenburg so me and Dan decided to have a coffee maker made romantic dinner together. Or we did a romantic dish anyway, I don't know how romantic the dinner was since none of us were hungry when the food finally was ready and I was organizing food/tweeting/watching tv all the time and Dan took pictures of food and a coffee maker. I think that's more fun that a romantic dinner anyway.
But it tasted great! 

1,5 hours

1 dl white wine (apparantly it doesn't matter what wine. I used an open bottle of "ful-vin" (=ugly wine) that I happened to bring back from Roskilde festival and it tasted good anyway)
1 small garlic clove
3 dl grated cheese
Some parmesan
A few drops of lemon juice
1 tsp dijon mustard
White pepper
Basil leaves
(+ whatever you would like to dip in the fondue)
Start the coffee maker. Pour in wine and chopped garlic. Heat it for half an hour and then add cheese, lemon juice and mustard. Leave it on the heater until the cheese is fully melted. Stir every now and then, it burns quite easily otherwise. Season with white pepper. 
Put basil, bread and pepperoni on those fondue thingies that you should put that stuff on (or a fork like we did since we don't own things like that) and dip it into the cheese. 
It's super smart to make fondue in a coffee maker since the food has to be over a heater all the time so it won't solidify. Just eat it directly from the can, but don't remember to stir it sometimes (and to turn the cofee maker off when you've finished). We also made this with chocolate fondue a while ago and that worked just as well.
Coffee maker heating of the wine and the garlic.


Say cheese!
Can you find Zappa in this picture?
Our lovely view over Gothenburg last night. 
Oooh! A great tip: Put a block candle in the part of the coffee maker where you usually pour water. Tadaaa! You now have a coffee maker lantern. Perfect for romantic fondue dinners with a coffee maker!


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