Alternative cooking devices

You should know by now that the coffee maker is an excellent little machine to cook food in. I've also tried some other appliances just for fun. One of the first one was the toaster. It was many, many years ago I heard that it works just fine to roast fish sticks in a toaster, haven't you heard that as well? Well it doesn't work just fine. Of all the thingies I've cooked with, the toaster is by far the worst one. When me and Dan were dating i borrowed his toaster when he was away somewhere. I wanted to try an experiment. Which kitchenware cooks fish sticks best of a toaster and a coffee maker. 
Clear winner:The coffee maker. 
The fish sticks fell into the toaster, you can't clean a toaster, everything after fish stick toaster cooking will smell like fish sticks. Eventually the toaster will start to smoke heavily and you'll have to throw it away. I still owe Dan a toaster. 
You can read about the toaster vs coffee maker challenger here (google translated).
This is how the fish sticks looked like after toaster cooking. Rest of them fell into the toaster.

Nuff said about the worthless toaster. Let's go on to the next alternative cooking supply - the iron. 
I got invited to a Swedish tv-show and they wanted me to do a whole easter buffé in live TV. I tried to tell them that it takes a really long time to cook in a coffee maker so they said i could use 10 different coffee makers and a couple of irons. Crazy! I turned the invitation down (and they got furious!!) but I got curious about the iron cooking. Was at my parents' place at the time and since they had forbidden me from cooking in their washing machine I figured that it was OK that I borrowed their iron (they were at work).
You can find more pics and the recipe of iron cooked burger here (also google translated). 
Wanted to put oil in the water thingy so you could spray the burger with it, but since it wasn't my iron I didn't do it.
Looks yummie, doesn't it?! It wasn't. (the bread was old)

Next one - the dishwasher.
Before i started this coffee maker blog i tried to cook salmon in foil in the dishwasher and it came out perfect! Just put the salmon (or other fish) in foil, maybe together with vegetables and onion, season and add some olive oil and then put it in the dishwasher. When the dish is clean the fish is ready. Also made another recipe not so long ago with minced meat. Read it here (guess what? Google translated). 
Freshly out from the dishwasher. 

And you can bake for example cinnamon buns in a bread roaster. 
These were super delicious. Recipe here (you know what I'm gonna write here..). 
I tried to use a vacuum cleaner once, but more as an accessory to the coffee maker:

And now we continue with all the different hair devices. 
The hair dryer (also accessory):

The hair curler:
Baked a couple of different kinds of breads with the hair curler. This is the "Lussesnurra". You'll also find recipe of "Lusseplattor" in this recipe

And we also have the hair straightener: 

And my favorite hair device - the hair waffler:
Recipe, along with a movie clip, here.  I like this picture because my arm pit looks like a girl's vagina.
I think that's all the alternative cooking devices for now. But none of the above are as good and versatile as this little fellow... The coffee maker!
Which one would you like to try? I would really like to cook in a washing machine...

Postat av: Trollmamma

Jag antar att en vattenkokare är för lik kaffebryggaren? Annars känns väl den ganska given. Med risk för att propparna går när den slås på gång på gång. Min vattenkokare är elak mot propparna...
Lava-lampor blir ju rejält heta, kanske går att steka nåt på dem?
Sen kan jag inte fatta varför du inte ger dig på de mer traditionellt manliga verktygen. Svets? Gasolbrännare? Värmepistol (sån där man smälter loss färg med...) måste ju funka. Och har du bil borde du väl koka nåt på motorblocket!
Jag har sett bilder på smeder som grillar korv över rejält tjocka glödande järnstänger, men det kräver ju lite till smedja. Men att laga mat i ässjan är att rekommendera. :)

2013-07-15 @ 08:05:44
Postat av: Trollmamma

Ahh, jag hittade grill-smeden!

2013-07-15 @ 08:13:29
Postat av: Nina

Måste erkänna.... För en massa år sedan jobbade jag extra på helger etc på en korvmoj centralt inne o Stockholm.... Där använde vi diskmaskinen till att tina fryst vakuumförpackad korv i.... Funkade toppen! Men, vet ej vad kunderna skulle ha sagt om de vetat... :)

2013-07-19 @ 21:37:32

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