A fishy coffee maker made soup

This will be my last recipe as a curator of Sweden. It's been a blast! Thank you for all the kind feedback, for showing interest and for your patience with me ande my coffe maker cooking talk. The thing I'll miss the most though is our cat tweeting!
Since I live in Gothenburg - known for fish and shellfish - I would like to share this recipe as my final (English) one. It's a real "Paradrätt" or parade right as you might say.
1 evening
1 small red onion
Some selleri
1 garlic clove
2,5 dl cream
1 fish stock cube
1 filter thingy filled with mussels (about 15)
1,5 dl white wine
4 dl water
2 Norway lobster (is that the same as "Havskräftor"?)
Mixed fish pieces (I used salmon and some other fishies I don't remember)
1 handful of prawns
Cayenne pepper
Bell pepper 
Sugar peas
Start your coffee maker. Melt the butter in the coffee maker can and can fry all the chopped onions for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile scrub the mussels and sort out the ones that's crappy. 
Add cream, fish stock cube and wine in the can and place the mussels in the filter holder. Pour thereafter water into the coffee brewer. Now the mussels will be cooked perfectly in the filter holder, isn't it cool??!! Let it coffee maker cook for at least an hour so it get really warm. Season.
Throw in Norway lobsters, prawns, and the mussels a short while to improve the taste even more. Finally add the fish pieces and the crispy bell pepper pieces and sugar peas. Let it coffee maker cook for about 10 minutes - or until the fish is ready.
Turn of your coffee maker and serve.
Fuckin' fishylicious!
Coffee maker can frying!
This is so clever. I'm like a geniuse!
Cool, huh!?
Photo: Dan Sörensen.
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